DealDone offers advanced Virtual Data Room and Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing solutions to his clients as well as related technologies and advisory services. We provide state-of- the- art technologies recognized globally as market leaders in the area of secured data sharing and collaboration.

Our solutions can be implemented in the following areas:

  • processes and transactions that requires due diligence and virtual data room (M&A, Capital Markets, Real Estate, other)
  • secured collaboration with investors and portfolio companies for Private Equity and Venture Capital funds
  • protection of Management Board and Supervisory Board / Board of Directors communication
  • protection of documentation and communication in corporate and public tenders
  • protection of corporate data, information and documentation in general (personal data, clients, sales data, other confidential information)
  • intellectual property protection (reports and opinions, project documentation, technical documentation and other)
  • protection of data, information and documentation in line with GDPR, GIODO, RODO requirements
  • protection of data, information and documentation in line with MIFID, MAR and other requirements for financial institutions

DealDone’s office location:

ul. Marszałkowska 58
00-545 Warszawa

NIP: 521 363 19 22
REGON: 146 146 443

tel: +48 22 122 52 38