A simple and intuitive solution for sharing and storing documents in a secure and controlled manner, ensuring pleasant work with documents during complex transactions
The most advanced and modern functionalities on the market.
Encryption and security at the level of electronic banking and RODO requirements.
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Advanced software for storing, sharing and working together on a variety of documents, including confidential documents inside the organization and with external partners.
EFSS ensures integration and synchronization with data libraries and enterprise software, including Microsoft Outlook, Sharepoint.
Security among others at the level of NATO and RODO requirements.
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„The system is actually straightforward. We have had a hectic project and taught people on the go how to use the VDR, and we didn’t even need a training! Everything is intuitive. Many thanks!”

Ivan Kotev,
Senior Strategy Specialist,
Sberbank Europe AG, Austria

„Our company used iDealBox on a numer of transactions. The platform is intuitive, efficient, easy to use and to set up. Support team always does their best to help us with carrying out our deals. We can recommend iDealBox platform for complex projects with many parties involved.”

Robert Karlsson,
Shelton Petroleum, Sweden

„We have used iDealBox Virtual Data Rooms several times and have always been very satisfied with their service. Signing contracts and setting up the Virtual Data Room has always been very fast – within 1-2 hours. I highly recommend iDealBox.”

Dr. Markus Wagner,
VP Corporate Development,
Pieris AG, Germany

„We already used iDealBox VDR for several projects. Good tool, very easy to handle for end-user and administrator. Application fulfill all our needs. We plan to hire iDealBox in the future and recommend the services to our partners!”

Rita Feusi,
Teamleader IT,
Marenco Swisshelicopter AG, Switzerland

„iDealBox VDR platform was perfect for our M&A transaction. We and our clients were happy with operational support, functionality and friendly interface. The security level of the platform is extremely high. We will certainly use it in the future and recommend it to our clients.”

Valeriu Cernei,
Dyrektor IT,
Baker Tilly, Rumunia

„Regarding iDealBox Virtual Data Room service we have very good experiences. The product is very easy to use, very transparent and provide all reporting needed for monitoring what is going on in the VDR.”

Andreja Kosir,
Prezydent i CEO,
Elan, Slovenia

„The iDealBox team met all of our requirements and needs which helped us to be very efficient. Their support is extraordinary and their system provides us with all necessary tools to effectively follow and monitor processes. We definitely recommend iDealBox.”

Dejan Jelisavac,
Financial advisor,